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Troll and I could have featured Shrek, would still be bad

The popular Dreamworks character Shrek may have appeared in the underwhelming and poor performing 2017 title Troll and I. While early plans suggest that everyone’s favourite green ogre would appear in the game, the developers had a change of heart.

“Shrek is a big deal.” Jeff Samson, a designer at Spiral House recounts his time working on Troll and I. “We knew the game wasn’t going to turn out great. Our partners at Maximum Games was pushing for the deadline and we knew that we wouldn’t be able to make a game that was fun to play by then.”

Original documents from the development of Troll and I suggest that a deal with Dreamworks was on the cards to see a cross-over between many of their hit movies such as Shark Tale and Antz to feature as stages for the game. However, a judgement call was made by Spiral House that it was unethical to release a bad product that was sold entirely on cross-overs.

Samson believes that tie-ins should actually contribute to the foundation and story of the game. “It would be wrong to just slap characters and worlds from an actually popular medium into our game just to sell more copies. Not to mention the power of nostalgia one day tainting the analytical skills of an entire generation of gamers who will refuse to see how broken it is just because the associate it with classic movies.”

Otto from Troll and I is not being considered for inclusion in Super Smash Bros.

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