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Square Enix nervous about reaching same critical acclaim as Infinity War’s 68 on Metacritic

As Infinity War proves to be a global smash hit and a pop culture phenomenon, senior Square Enix devs are nervous about their Avengers project reaching the lofty critical acclaim that is 3 and a half stars out of 5. Teased in early 2017, little has been said about the project though there is buzz more will be shown at E3.

“We have our best western teams working on this project,” said a representative of Square Enix. “We know what our teams are capable of but getting over 70 on Metacritic? That’s a huge hurdle. I mean, it’s still a critical failure by video game review standards but it’s still, you know, a heck of a target on some scale maybe.”

With the strongest opening weekend of all time with worldwide figures putting it at $640million in takings, Avengers: Infinity War is smashing records left, right and centre. However if there’s anyone who isn’t intimidated by financial earnings, it’s Square Enix.

“We are very happy for the team at Marvel. We know that if they didn’t make a profit they’d likely be firing the creative forces behind Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, as any like-minded business would.”

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