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“Switch is ruined forever” whines closet pirate

Nintendo’s Switch console has been hacked and shown to be capable of running homebrew software and Linux. The hack displayed by fail0verflow is said to be possible on any current Switch with no fix. This has many jumping quickly to call out against the hack and its potential for piracy in an attempt to cover their arses.

“It’s wrong,” argues Tim Bentford of Melbourne, Australia. “Switch is ruined forever, all these pirates are going to destroy sales. People will never pay for games again. I never pirate, so I wouldn’t know where you could torrent these games from anyway, as I don’t pirate software.”

The fail0verflow team have specifically stated that their work does not let people directly pirate games. People like Bentford push back at this statement. “It doesn’t matter; it’s something like this that ends up getting everyone downloading Pokemon, which I wouldn’t do. If we don’t buy Pokemon Nintendo will stop making it for all of us.”

When asked if he torrented anime Bentford responded, “What does that matter? It’s completely different. I’d watch anime with the ads if the ads where subbed.”

See a Switch running Linux here:

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