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Nintendo’s eShop to run out of digital copies of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, preorders closed

I hope you got your preorders in for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze because Nintendo has announced that their digital store will cease selling preorders of the game. Currently it is unclear if they will have digital stock when the game launches.

“We decided at the start of the Switch that we’d make buying digital equal to buying physical. So of course this includes screwing people over with stock shortages no matter where they choose to buy the game,” said a representative of Nintendo.

“Unfortunately, we did not predict much interest in this release and as such did not digitally print enough copies. It’s the first game where we’ve misjudged anticipation. Funky Kong surprised us all.”

Limiting the number of digital copies available is an odd initiative. Nintendo hopes to hurry along their process to ensure that they have enough digital copies for launch day. “This is why people need to preorder games digitally and not just wait to buy it on its release date. There’s only so many gigabytes our servers can hold before we need to call the Internet Factory and get new ones.”

Image via: http://www.nintendo.com.au/nintendo-eshop

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