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Bandai Namco admit Pac-Man only property they’re sure they own

When it comes to gaming icons that have significantly impacted pop-culture you can be sure that Pac-Man is up there. First released in 1980, the Namco created dot eating puck made his way into arcades and eventually people’s homes and hearts. It’s owner Bandai Namco loves their franchise. They love it so much so that recently CEO Satoshi Oshita admitted that the company was not sure which IPs they  own, only that the definitely own Pac-Man.

“We’ve done a lot of external work for other publishers lately,” says Oshita-san. “With Smash Bros and Metroid Prime, I was shocked when Nintendo representatives came in late 2016 and reassured us that we don’t own Samus and the Metroid brand. This was a relief given how I thought we’d botched that Metroid Prime: Federation Forces release.”

Some popular franchises Bandai Namco have publishing rights for include Ridge Racer, Ace Combat, Digimon, Tekken, Souls and Tales game series. Many have hypothesised this is why so little has been heard about from the Tales and Ridge Racer series.

When told a list of franchises they own, Oshita-san responded; “What about Castlevania? That seems like it might be something we’d own.”

Bandai Namco does not own Castlevania.

Image via: http://jin115.com/archives/52058299.html

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