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Reports say Sony to end Playstation Vita production; Unit 13 fan convinced new portable is coming

Having struggled to gain footing in the western market, the Vita was a stumble for Sony’s Playstation brand. Released in 2011 in Japan and 2012 in the west, the Vita was best known as an indicator for people go to the bathroom during Playstation’s E3 conference. However a recent report suggests that production of the unit, which still has a fair following in Japan, is ending. This has excited Chet Buckman, the world’s sole Unit 13 fan, as he looks towards the future of Sony’s handheld business.

“They’d be stupid not to,” says Buckman of New York City, New York. “It’s definitely the best portable on the market. 6 solid hours of battery, an OLED screen, this thing is great and Sony can only do better from here. Just look at Unit 13, arguably the best game of this current generation. Imagine what that’ll look like bumped up from 576p to 720p. “

Unit 13 was a third-person shooter on the Vita. That is all anyone needs to know about it.

“The Vita should’ve crushed Ningaybo’s 3DS if people weren’t idiots and could actually appreciate real tech and not a Tamagotchi with dumb screens. 3DS? More like 3 Dudes Sucking each other. Burn,” argues Buckman. “I believe that Sony’s next handheld will crush whatever Nintendo’s next handheld is, like how the PS4 is currently crushing the Switch.”

Image via: http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-vita/unit-13

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