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Was EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II fiasco a ruse by the Trump administration?

In late 2017 game publisher EA saw a backlash against their Star Wars: Battlefront II release, which was jam packed with unfair loot-boxes and content locks. A US senator argued that the game was a “Star Wars themed casino”. But could it have been that the Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco was a ploy initiated by the US government to distract their shady business?

As we know, Disney is a beloved American institution. In 2012 they acquired the rights to the Star Wars by purchasing Lucasfilm for $4billion. In this transition EA acquired the rights to publish games from the Star Wars brand. While their initial offering of Star Wars: Battlefront in 2015 proved to be underwhelming, they made promises that its sequel would improve in areas criticised by the media as well as the public.

Star Wars: Battlefront II had a strong showing at E3, seemingly addressing peoples’ problems with the past game. However Battlefront II’s online public beta made people nervous about the final product, as it featured numerous lootboxes and microtransactions that seemed incredibly unbalanced. However, EA assured people that they would tweak these microtransactions to make the game more fair. When the game did release, the obtrusive and malicious microtransaction tactics were still there. Some estimated it was take 40 hours of gameplay just to play as Darth Vader, an important member of the Star Wars universe.

The world was mad. Gamers took to message boards to complain. An EA rep’s Reddit post became the most down-voted post in Reddit’s history. Now the smokescreen was up.

Disney CEO Bob Iger was a member of Donald Trump’s advisory team up until June 1st 2017, but the gears were already too far along. But before then, Iger clearly knew Donald Trump’s intentions to run for president. Buying Star Wars was a calculated move. Iger knew the potential of scandal Trump would bring to the White House, and he knew that a well-executed strategy for Star Wars would see key distractions. Disney gave the game publishing rights of Star Wars knowing that they were the only major game publisher greedy and lacking of any moral fibre to produce such an outrage.

I don’t know how much Trump paid Iger, or if Iger just got something from Trump’s presidency. But what I do know is that no one will read this far and just madly tweet me for suggesting anything. I could’ve left this whole thing empty, no one would know. But if you did make it here, hi, thanks for reading, it’s all fake, probably.

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