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Shenmue 3 backer excited to play 1+2 rerelease, has no clue what he backed

SEGA have revealed Shenmue 1+2 at their SEGA Fan Meeting event in Japan. They revealed that the games are their most demanded rerelease by western audiences. This is welcome news to the many people who backed the Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 despite never playing the originals.

“I never actually played the Shenmue games,” says Pete Oleman, a backer of the Shenmue 3. “In fact I never owned a Dreamcast. But when I saw it on stage at Playstation’s E3 conference back in 2015 I knew I had to support the project. It definitely seemed like a game I would want, why else would Playstation let it on stage?”

With the Shenmue 1+2 collection announced over the weekend, many have celebrated the ability to finally see what all the fuss is about. Many backers of the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter will be experiencing the series for the first time, as the Dreamcast and original game sold poorly and many looking over the sequel’s release on the original Xbox.

“When I saw these rereleases were finally happening I was very excited. I’ve had ROMs for the games on my computer for a while but I guess SEGA has finally bestowed me the privilege to play them legally. I just hope they don’t suck. Otherwise I’ve invested >$100 on basically one game and 2 obligations.”

Shenmue 1+2 will be available this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Shenmue 3 will be available on PS4 and PC at an unconfirmed date.

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