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THQ Nordic to rerelease Nickelodeon games, bringing licensed game to the 21st century business model

Earlier this week Nickelodeon announced that it was excited to be teaming up with THQ Nordic to release older licensed games from the television producer. The THQ brand had been long dead but in 2016 Nordic Games changed their name after acquiring it in a former THQ manager’s garage sale. Now they are rereleasing these licensed games to bring licensed games into the current industry standards.

“There’s a right way and a wrong way to licensed games,” explains Lars Wingefors, CEO of THQ Nordic. “The old THQ did big budget games requiring millions of sales to break even on the side of their production of licensed games. But now we’re working on repackaging existing licensed games while making sure our fewer AAA releases can afford to have the demo build flown up from Melbourne to an event for Sydney 3 hours before hand.”

When the PS4 and Xbox One launched there was a lot of hesitation to work on new AAA projects due to an expected decline in the console market, leading to a large amount of remakes and remasters of games only a few years old. This has proven to not be the case with console gaming still incredibly popular, however the money is still there for rereleases.

On the topic of rereleases, Wingefors had this to day; “Rereleasing games is the future of video games. Make fewer new games and just keep releasing Darksiders II. The cry for new IPs seems to have died down, so this puts us in an excellent position.”

Image via: http://rugrats.wikia.com/wiki/THQ

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