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Atari to launch licensed clothes through Millers

To be a gamer you need to dress the part. Playstation released a line of clothing through Myers and special limited edition Nike shoes. Nintendo teamed up with UNIQLO for a t-shirt design competition. Xbox did an Xbox Onesie. And now Atari is targeting its biggest fans in its newly announced partnership with Millers.

“We’re very excited to begin this partnership,” says Daniel Bracken, CEO of Specialty Fashion Group, brand holder of Millers. “We know that most of Atari’s fans are reaching an age that intersects with our key demographic. We’re pleased to incorporate these tops into our product line, with future plans extending to other pieces of your grandma’s wardrobe.”

Loose cotton tops featuring Pong, Space Invaders and Breakout designs will be available soon, with more designs to come. A spokesman from Atari has this to say, “We are Atari and we are still a thing. Please contribute to our Rollercoaster Tycoon KickStarter.”

Bracken was excited about bringing in more of their demographic that and he “couldn’t believe that the Breakout top was almost as colourful as ‘Hibiscus on the Pond #47’.”

Image via: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Atari-Logo.svg

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