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Gamer puts “Thank You” note in wallet to feel better about shitty life

When Sydney man Chuck Hamilton noticed how much he was spending on games a month he decided to put a small note in his wallet saying “Thank You”, in an attempt to make him feel better about his life and to give the sensation that someone could possibly care about him.

“It’s like the wallet is thanking me for relieving the stress of carrying that $50 note. I picture it holding that note in its body like it’s pregnant. When this doesn’t turn me on, I find it quite humorous.”

In an increasingly digital age Chuck is finding it harder to justify a trip to his local EB Games. Despite his Level 4 EB World membership and biweekly visits for the last 12 years, he feels store staff hardly notice his presence.

“One of the clerks called me Mike,” says Hamilton. “But when it comes to my wallet, it’s just nice to be thanked for something.”

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