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Souls fan accidentally says he is “Dark Souls” before sex

As many gamers know, the concept of a game being hard was invented in 2009 upon the release of Demon’s Souls by FromSoftware, quickly redefining the word for many hardcore video gamers. Now a 22 Lewis Tamson has made the boner of describing his erection as “Dark Souls”.

“I knew he was a gamer, but I didn’t know just how far gone he was,” says Joe his partner, age 22. “You think you know someone but it turns out they are that level of a gamer and… I just don’t know anymore.” [Level in this context refers more to a progressive mental state rather than that of a new area that composes a world]

While acknowledging that language is a forever changing thing, Joe states he’s not ready for gamer culture to play a part in the transformation.

“Being geeky made Lewis cute. But now I look at the fedora in his closet and wonder if he even owns it unironically.”

Mr Tamson was not available for comment.

Image via: https://topics.nintendo.co.jp/c/article/a19cdf5e-e94f-11e7-86dc-063b7ac45a6d.html

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