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Gamer figures out how to share screenshot from Xbox One

As gaming becomes more social than ever before, gamer Justin Smith is excited to be one of the first people to share a screenshot from an Xbox One S console.

“It was an ordeal,” Justin claimed. “The prompt to save it seemed simple enough, but then finding where it was stored wasn’t as simple as I thought. Once I had found it, I tried sharing to my Twitter but it kept forcing a link to a site. Eventually I just copied the picture off the link and posted it in a format people will actually bother with.”

While the first Xbox One console came with a Kinect unit and use voice recognition to share captures, the process has been painful for those without the peripheral. Due to the lack of popularity, a direct port for the peripheral was removed from the S and X models of the Xbox One in favour of a $60 adapter*
*this adapter was announced to be discontinued in January of 2018.

Justin says “It would be nice if they streamlined the process. I’m just glad I could share that funny skeleton next to the toilet in Fallout 4.”

Image via: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/xbox-one

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