Nintendo Switch- The Ride Is Over

Nintendo Switch has finally met its maker.

That’s right folks, Nintendo’s newest console had a rough road ahead of it when it launched in March of 2017 but just 3 and a half months later I think we can all agree that the Nintendo Switch is finally an attractive platform for game devs. But are they the devs the system needs?

After the 3DS lost a lot of support from western developers and the unmitigated fiasco that was Wii U support, Nintendo have shown that their latest platform really has legs.

When 3DS launched in Europe it had 13 titles straight out of the gate, 15 including separate Nintendogs+Cats titles. It was games like Rabbids 3D and Rayman 3D and Rayman Visits Rabbids 3D that shot the Nintendo 3DS to be the best selling 8th Generation dedicated games console.

The potential for greatness was lost on many

 When the Wii U hit European shelves it packed shelves with a massive 26 titles. Who could forget gathering the family around the gamepad for Rabbids Land, Game Party Champions and ‘Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade’ (ikr)? They were magical times. As we all know, it’s not about whether the console is any good or makes sense, it’s all about the amount of games. Wii U was a success story for Nintendo, launching with over 30 games.

When Switch hit the European market it brought with it a paltry 5 retail games. However there was hope. While the Wii U launched with just 5 eShop exclusive titles, Switch’s European launch saw a digital marketplace brimming with 14 titles.

Switch is now seeing its digital marketplace explode with new mobile ports hitting the platform every week. However, as any true Nintendo fan will tell you, mobile gaming is the scourge of video games and its sole purpose is to kill Pokémon and in turn make Nintendo go 3rd party. #Nintendoomed

We’ve seen the most trusted game publishers in the industry succumb to the vile temptress that is the mobile gaming market. Square Enix and Capcom who were strong supporters of Nintendo’s consoles with so many Wii U releases that I had to open my second hand just to count them have fallen to the flashy lights of your phone and ditched home console gaming for the illustrious life of whaling. Worse yet, they release ports real for serious games on mobile platforms! Those are my childhoods!

It’s the variety of content that these mobile ports are bringing that is truly detrimental to Switch’s potential success. The fact that the hardware used to run the Switch was designed around the Android operating system and that without demand micro-processors used in smart devices and Switch wouldn’t exist is not relevant. What is relevant is that they are using their insidious ways to covet real for serious gaming’s install base with their wickedness.

I thought the day would never come when Nintendo was defeated, but here we are. With games that have been ported to the PC as well as other consoles, we are left seeing the horrible scars of the modern game industry across Nintendo’s handsome face.

They don’t get much more handsome

While we haven’t seen the vicious monetisation systems that plague the world of mobile gaming, with these PC ports of mobile ports, how long until the blood thirsty pervert mobile devs drop the façade and start offering games for ‘free’ only for me to max out mum’s credit card? Not long, I would conjecture!

While Snake Pass brought a console experience to the Switch, it won’t be too long before mobile devices are able to push out the quality 540p graphics that Switch owners should be enjoying exclusively. If we don’t act fast, anyone can enjoy the fun that we have. And that’s just not on.

I’ve played some of these mobile port atrocities and all I can say is that they’re a good way to pass the time before we LOSE all that WE have been FIGHTING for. With their lower budgets and western focuses, we really are living in the worst possible timeline. My heart beckons for a simpler time, when the games we played were we knew it was good because it wasn’t a Flash game on NewGrounds.

I bet everyone reading this has a smart phone. Sinners. The only way to save Nintendo is to rush to your nearest Kmart or Woolworths/Safeway store and ask for their most affordable burner. We must downgrade to save what is most sacred to us. If we progress, we will lose our precious childhoods being strung along until Nintendo has to go 3rd party and releases Splatoon 3 on Xbox One X 2. Because if we don’t reject fun and games now, we won’t have any fun left.

Just games. Sad.

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