Airlines Should Help Integrate The Nintendo Switch

I do a lot of travel for this job of serious gamer. This requires money so turn off Adblock, Adblock is killing my livelihood of professional chair seat ruiner. I’m constantly moving around from seat to seat and as such spend time looking at the logistics involved in incorporating my gaming schedule into my travel schedule. I have taken a break from my intense game of grab-ass here at the office to tell you about a thought I had.

What if, and bear with me for a minute here, what is Nintendo Switch could be put into a plane seat? Like, you know how airplanes have those monitors you can use to track the flight or the on flight movie? Just bring your own Nintendo Switch, use a wireless service to download the plane’s entertainment applet and enjoy the flight.

What wouldn’t speed up a flight more than getting a few hours into a thoroughly enjoyable video game? Heck, if you don’t care about the ‘enjoyable’ nature and it’s ever ported, most flights would accommodate a play-through or two of ‘The Order: 1886’.

Maybe. But probably not.

Thanks to an inconsiderate scare ad from Nintendo, I am now terrified that my leaning back in my plane chair could ruin someone’s Nintendo Switch playing experience. As our friends at CNET have shown us, the kickstand is a pathetic waste of time and patience for import tech bloggers such as myself. I worry that the individual behind me, trying to play their Nintendo Switch is going to have it fall down at the slightest bit of me scratching my glutes from a sitting position.

This is where docking it in the chair comes in handy. Now you don’t have to worry about your play session being interrupted by me rolling around 360 in my chair because I just can’t get comfortable with the damn cheap QANTAS dual-3.5mm jacked headphones. It doesn’t even affect my person, just the thought. Yuck.

Unnatural and sick

Why not give them out to all passengers for collection at the end of the flight? Museums give out tape recorders with audio tours all the time, heck, the Louvre even has a tour app for the Nintendo 3DS and leases out units to visitors! As seen in Nintendo’s initial reveal ad, women find people who play games at the airport irresistibly sexy. If Nintendo could negotiate a deal with an airline to distribute these and even the playing field for picking up hot chicks when travelling, I would choose this airline over any other. Babes speak, to me now as well.

Guys with Nintendo Switch have an unfair advantage in natural selection

These are all very reasonable and logical reasons for Nintendo to engage airlines in having more interest and incorporation of the Nintendo Switch units. Nintendo are in a terrible place as they play catch up to PS4 and Xbox One but the ability to capture the market of people who go on planes on occasion like me? It’s a game changer and I can be contact at the Twitter handle @xaaronh for when you want to hire me as your head of PR.

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