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So there’s a lot of stuff happening in gaming right now. Some confirmed, most related to things no one knows anything about because of course it is. So I’ve taken… no forced it upon myself to have 2 cents on these matters. While I could’ve probably tweeted this stuff, I’d Nick up your feeds so this just seems smarter. I’m not the hero that gaming deserves, and not particularly the one it needs right now. I’m not a hero at all. But I wanted to force that reference in so badly.

“PS4K/.5/Neo is like ___”
Do you work at Sony? Are you an engineer there working on the project? No? Of course not, you’re reading this and if you were working on an important project like the PS4’s upgrade you wouldn’t waste your time reading blog posts by random people. You’d be on NeoGAF jacking off to the petty arguments.
As far as I’m concerned we know nothing about the project. That the rumours exist says that it is more than likely in the works, but until there is an official announcement or statement on what it is we should assume nothing. We don’t know if it’ll have exclusive titles that segment the 36 million strong userbase. We don’t know if older games will be boosted to higher FPS and resolutions that PC will beat out in a month. We don’t know if it’ll have a disc drive, if it won’t allow preowned games or if it’s bundled with a Skynet monitoring system.

30 months on the market, +36M users and the only exclusive worth getting so far came out last week

NIS-America won’t be publishing ATLUS games in Europe
Apparently since SEGA bought ATLUS the rights to distributing ATLUS’s games have been given to whoever offers the highest minimum return. This shouldn’t be surprising, as both companies epitomise the staggered release culture in game publishing. With digital distribution an option many take with JRPGs, there is no excuse for not having simultaneous NA and EU releases. Other than contempt for a market.

All the NX rumours could be false
It is Nintendo’s job to market their consoles. Not a bunch of sketchy reports made by people who get verified by mods on a game forum. I was a mod on a forum and I sure as hell aren’t a good judge of character. I once belittled someone for copy-pasting Serebii’s HeartGold and SoulSilver findings when it turns out they had a copy… and pasting addiction. Nope, can’t let this one go, what a dumbass.
I guess what I’m saying is that when you hear it directly from Nintendo, that’s the point that you can collectively exhale a sigh of relief that it’s even a thing and you can spend $400 on it.

Common sense is fast approaching ‘CONFIDENTIAL PROPERTY’. And yes, fake. Idiot

Metroid Prime: Federation Force
Not really this week specific, but I’ve wanted to say this for a while and I’m sure it lines up with a lot of views but here it goes regardless. The game looks fine, the marketing has been an utter joke. It’s amazing that the producers have gotten this far with it honestly. There’s the use of the ‘Metroid’ name. Should’ve called it something else with a new IP attached; Bam, you’ve satisfied the “WAHH, NEW IPs WILL SAVE EVERYTHING” idiots. Then the loose connection to the Metroid universe would work its own magic. Even if people didn’t realise it was from one of their beloved franchises at first, word-of-mouth online would’ve made them realise. Best of all, that’s how most digital sales are procured, something Nintendo could desperately do with. They could’ve killed a whole flock of birds with a pebble. But no Nintendo, you went out and bought a rock factory. Idiots.

Ratchet & Clank knocks Dark Souls III off #1 after a week in the UK
Oh no, an accessible and age friendly game has outsold a game whose series has been marketed as difficult, violent and inaccessible after a week where it has already sold gang-busters and already taken its biggest piece of the pie. How could this be possible, Metacritic says Dark Souls is 4 MetaBucks better than Ratchet?

Wait for the GOTY edition in November

Star Fox Zero reviews
From what I’ve read the biggest issue here is that Nintendo forced a unique motion based control scheme into the game (let’s just ignore that it’s a niche, short in length, on-rail shooter for the time being). Game reviewers are 30 and 40-something year olds who spent the last decade getting paid to run up and down linear corridors doing the same shit over and over again. That they couldn’t handle/feel bothered to change what they do should come as no surprise.
Don’t ask for the moon, guys. You’ll end up with a 6/10.

So what do you guys think on these topics? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below or get active on social media like proper opinionated people. Send any topics you’d like my shitty opinion on my way by tweeting them to @gahmercom. This is another thing I wouldn’t mind making regular but judging from my other ideas for regular posts and the 4 months since I’ve done anything on them, we’ll see.

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