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?~RUMOUR~? Digimon: Digital Card Battle 2 coming to 3DS

A recent leak from a reliable source of an ho-hum source has been leaked. The source of the source is Mr. Nintendo, believed to be from the Games Department of Nintendo. In this reporter’s opinion he works Mondays-Thursdays and takes Fridays off the spend time with his cats. I can tell you what department he is from because a lot of Nintendo employees are in the Games Department.

In this leak he confirms that Digimon: Digital Card Battle 2 will be arriving on 3DS as well as being an exclusive to the console. While he does not have much more information to share, we can surely speculate that this has to do with Bandai Namco’s assistance on Super Smash Bros. We believe that the exclusivity may be a trade off for the Agumon DLC that is long overdue for Smash Bros. and will likely be in the NX version of the game.

As we can see from the tweet above, the source @Mario__bones with 2 underscores for some dumb reason posted this at 11:14PM – 22 Feb 2016.
This can be interpreted as 231422022016. (2*3)*(1*4)-(2+2+0+2+2+0)=16, so I believe this to be a reliable source.

Please comment with your thoughts on this. I need it. Look. At. Me.

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