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My Playstation Paris Games Week 2015 Wishlist

Paris Games Week starts next Tuesday (27/10/2015)! You can tune in to Sony’s conference at Wednesday 4am AEDT. Click here for a list of ways to access the stream.

Sony took Gamescom off this year due to the timing of the event. Being earlier than previous years, their other grand spectacle of a press conference at E3 had only a month before it. They didn’t want to give out too much information at once. While EA went and shovelled the same shit you saw at E3, Microsoft treated gamers to gameplay footage from Scalebound and Quantum Break, games that hadn’t been heard about in over a year. This was a nice touch, but normally the Playstation is king of Gamescom. So what big news do they have to blow us away? Here is my Paris Game’s Week Sony Conference wishlist.

RiME release date

RiME was revealed at Gamescom 2013 before the PS4 was even released. Since then it has only been teased once at Gamescom 2014. We must be getting close to a release date for this game! The developer Tequila Works has tweeted a number of posts suggesting that they’re close to the end of development and are currently bug testing. Good signs for a release in 2016!

WiLD release date

Revealed last Gamescom, WiLD was the big closer for Sony and had a lot of people, including myself, very excited by what development house Wild Sheep was teasing us with. Wild Sheep is a development studio founded by the extremely talented Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman. Considering the wait we’ve had with RiME and the scale of the project Ancel has hinted at in interviews, this is an unlikely one but it’s definitely something that I’d like.

She’s no Epona, but she’ll do.

PS1+PS2 backwards compatibility

This one is something that should’ve already happened, but there’s more to it. A rumour very early on in the PS4’s life suggested that the reason Sony didn’t put backwards compatibility with the emulated PS1/PS2 Classics you bought off PSN for your PS3/PSP/Vita was because they were close to getting the console to upscale the games to run at 1080p similar to how the Dolphin emulator can render Gamecube and Wii games at a much higher resolution. It sounds like an N4G conspiracy, but I’d also really love it if it were true. And with Xbox One doing Xbox360 backwards compatibility, Sony really needs to pick up their game on the issue.

Deep Down

This hasn’t been seen in a very long time. After being revealed alongside the PS4 in January of 2013 nothing was heard for well over a year. I remember it got shown off under a new name or a completely new setting sometime late last year but Capcom have been so quiet on this topic it’s somewhat unsettling.


This was a game that confused a lot of people. I think that Sony would be smart to bring Media Molecule out again to explain just what is going on in this… game? Movie maker? Instrument? I read the interviews and even I’m a little confused on what they want from the product…

Yakuza localisations

Yakuza 5 is almost here for PS3. Like, 4 years after the Japanese release. And SEGA want to use its sale figures to determine if there’s a market for the sequels on PS4. I don’t even have my PS3 connected at the moment so there’s no way I’m getting this game. SEGA need to get their thumb out of their arses and be prepared to localise Yakuza 6. In fact, one of the PS4’s launch titles in Japan was Yakuza: Ishin, a game based in feudal Japan that never saw a western release, despite the drought of games that it really could of helped fill. And while I love any games getting localised, there isn’t a spot open for it to sell well unless it’s at a massively budgeted price. You done fucked up, SEGA. But what did we really expect?

I’m starting to realise that this entry just to be rejected may have been cruel. But mostly, fuck SEGA.

The Tomorrow Children

This game was revealed late last year and has been an enigma. The trailers barely describe anything and the one chance I almost had to play it the code wasn’t working so they put Fat Princess on instead. Considering it’s supposedly releasing this year it would be nice for a little info.

Ape Escape HD Collection OR Ape Escape 4

I’m bananas for Ape Escape. It seems like the perfect game with all its cool gadgets to show off some touchpad and gyro controls can do. Also it’s Ape Escape and it’s been so long.


And while info on Dreams is just a dream of mine, I have to be realistic. So here I present the less fun for me ‘most likely’ list. They’re a little like socks at Christmas. You know you’re going to get them, but they’re still lame and for squares.

Most likely:

Announcing a Euro PS4 price cut

I put together the points on this list before they officially announced it. To be honest, this was going to be a “WELL DUH, EVERYONE ELSE GOT IT AND PLAYSTATION AUSTRALIA SPILT THE BEANS” point but I’m just glad that more people will be able to access the next generation of game hardware. On that note, they probably will talk about it alongside sale figures.

PS4 faceplates

This is something that was shown off during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference and has had a number of ads released in the last few days. These are launching early November and frankly I’ll only really be interested if they make one that doesn’t scuff up horrible like my current one has.



Sony have invested so much time and effort into promoting this virtual reality headset, it’s hard to believe. Just, hard to believe. I can’t imagine VR taking off from a consumer point of view. The price I’d be willing to pay for a novelty, a joke, is so much lower than they could possibly sell it for at this current point in time. But they’ll dedicate a big chunk of their presser to creepy ‘having an anime girlfriend and going outside’ simulators.

Street Fighter V

I’m not a huge fighting games fan and to be honest Capcom and the team behind SFV have been doing a very good job of releasing info for the game themselves. But as a PC/PS4 exclusive I imagine that Sony will want to show it off again. Maybe they’ll reveal Kratos for it, who knows.

Gravity Rush

I played Gravity Rush on Vita and didn’t care for it. I don’t think I’ll care for it on the PS4 either, but it should be a major 1st party title for Sony. While it’s good news for many that it’s getting sequel, it’s a shame that those who liked it on Vita won’t be able to experience the sequel on the same console.

Uncharted Golden Abyss PS4

Ok, this one is a joke. But it would make for a little hype while waiting for Uncharted 4. Why not release it separate as a download for Uncharted Collection owners akin how Halo Collection owners got Halo 3 ODST?

While Hello Games are from the UK and I’d LOVE to finally hear a release date for No Man’s Sky, I think that we’ll have to wait for the Playstation Experience in San Fransico in early December for that along with news about games from E3.

What are your dreams and predictions for Paris Games Week? Anything you think will be held back for the Playstation Experience in December? Leave it in the comments!

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