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“Could Ape Escape Trilogy be on the way!?” asks tired ’90s kid’

With the resurgence of popular 90s mascots like Crash Bandicoot and with rumours surrounding a return of the beloved purple dragon Spyro, Twitter user @xaaronh has hypothesised the possibility of the Playstation simian hunting series returning. @xaaronh’s private Ape Escape announcement fanart “With Medievil getting a confirmation late last year for a future release and […]


Heart & Slash- Review (Switch)

Hi. Because the only thing people actually read are the score and the Positive/Negative bullet points of reviews (and because I wouldn’t want to read 1500 words of padding either), I’ve decided that’s how I’ll review games. Today I’m reviewing Heart & Slash (stylised as Heart&Slash) from aheartfulofgames and BadLand Indie for the Nintendo Switch. […]

Fake News

Industry insider concurs with fellow industry insider that what he had heard about recent rumours from Emily Rogers was indeed what he had heard

For up-and-comer game industry insider @xaaronh it’s a very exciting time as he announces that he has too heard what fellow industry insider Stealth had heard in regards to hearing exactly what veteran insider Emily Rogers has reported today. “It’s exactly like I was told,” says @xaaronh. “I myself didn’t feel to be in a […]

Fake News

Bioware’s Anthem confirmed to have “sexy-times” to regain fan interest

Today Bioware confirmed to a massively positive response that romancing and graphic sex would be featured in their upcoming new IP Anthem. “We’re very excited to bring romance to the current generation of video games. While other developers have merely brought over the love making process from previous generations, Anthem will feature sexy-times designed from […]


Taking a new direction with this site

Hi guys. Thank you for continuing to follow this blog that’s deader than the horse carrying Barnaby Joyce jokes (topical!). I know that I have let you all down with my selfish behaviours like staring at walls and wondering if I could count to a million (I got bored at 2912). But I am hoping […]